Happy Halloween!
I think everyone celebrated halloween already during the weekend, but today is actually the 31st so here is my halloween post! Am I the only one who is kind of glad halloween is over now? I had so much pumpkin sweets and snacks these days, can`t see ONE pumpkin anymore.



Short jacket Zara/Top Zara/Vntage Levi`s shorts/Boots Jeffrey Campbell/Bag vintage

Spent a very relaxing saturday starting with a bagel with tuna salad for brunch (the best way to start your weekend) and went out for a walk later, the sun was shining so bright today. Bought these cut off Levi`s shorts a while ago at a vintage store in Amsterdam. Didn`t quite know how to combine them first but I`m a shorts-freak (really), so had to buy them. Today is actually the first day I wore them and yes, I love them!



Bought these new eyelashes at the Shu Uemura store in Omotesando last week. ` Blending nature, science and art together to create a cutting-edge makeup look`, that`s how they describe their brand and that`s completely true! I really love every single one of all the eyelashes but chose a quite simple one this time. They also have a christmas version which looks so glamorous, so is the price.


basic black + glasses

Coat Zara/Tops SLY(Japanese brand)/Fur hat Vintage/Shoes Jeffrey Campbell/Bag Gucci

I have always been a big fan of knee high socks but I`m currently addicted to these stocking types..can`t get enough of them and wearing them very often these days. I like to wear them with flat shoes and oversized coats to create a mens look. This coat from Zara is actually a size xs but it looks huge! The glasses are from a store in Shibuya where they sell lots of these types, it`s like heaven for me though. Bought another pair of glasses, I guess a collaboration of mickey mouse x lady gaga would be a good descripton. Will take some pictures with it soon. Have a great weekend!


 Tops h&m/Shorts SLY(Japanese brand)/Bag Rose Bud(Japanese brand)/Sunglasses Shwood

I realized I forgot to bring my favourite headband with me to Tokyo. But I definitely wanted a headband with this outfit so it looks kinda messy but I made one with my own hair..but hey, it looks natural right? These sunglasses are from the brand `Shwood` click here to see their collection, the one I`m wearing is made of indian rose wood and very comfortable to wear. Went to `kichijoji` this day and dropped by a famous cafe over there called `momen` where they sell deliciousnessy (I know this is not a word) chiffon cupcakes!


fashion show

Attended a fashion show last Saturday held at Midtown in Roppongi. It was a charity fashion event for Japan, because Japan got hit by a terrible earthquake back in March. The 2011-2012 autumn/winter collection of these six famous brands were shown. Went there by myself and didn`t bring my camera with me so unfortunately no pictures of the fashion show.

One beautiful picture I took tonight. A pink sky..pretty amazing isn`t it?



Silver pants Mango/Top Zara/Shoes Steve Madden/Ray-ban sunglasses

So finally a decent post of Tokyo. Well I`m not sure if you can call this decent, it was already dark when these pictures were taken, but still gave it a try. Result, blurry pictures. Sorry. Too bad you can`t see the silver glitters on my pants. Should`ve taken the pictures during the day, damn it. I missed Shibuya so much.. This day I had the best fried tofu `agedashi tofu` ever. It was served with Japanese autumn veggies, they made my day.



Shorts H&M/Thigh highs Hunkemoller/Rosary necklace (from Rome)

Another outfit post from Amsterdam! I know, I have only posted one of Tokyo (I guess that one doesn`t count). Promise I`ll upload some from Tokyo soon when I finally decide to stop being lazy and finally get my closet organized..


graffiti & green

Silk top Zara/Shorts SLY(Japanese brand)/Thigh highs Hunkemoller/Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

I had so much great Japanese food during the past few days already, love it here. I miss Amsterdam when I see these pictures though. Loving these flat shoes, it immediately creates a mens look combined with the jacket and the hat. The thigh high socks makes it look feminine (thank god).


Mickey + Chanel

Bag Vintage/Shorts SLY(Japanese brand)

Stole this Mickey sweater from my sister because it looked so comfy (and it was!). If it was mine I`d cut off the neckline so it has an even more oversized effect. I bought the grey fur hat at a store in Shibuya few years ago.  It was actually too hot this day to wear a fur hat, but my mind was already in an autumn mood. 


snake print

 Silk top Zara/Skirt Asos/Boots Jeffrey Campbell/Ray-ban sunglasses/Michael Kors watch

The other day in Amsterdam. I have these Jeffrey Campbell boots for quite a while now but wasn`t able to wear them often because of the bad summer we had in the Netherlands.  I`m by the way so happy to have these wedges (called TWO TIMER) and not the Jeffrey Campbell LITA which everyone is wearing.. I love simple outfits but I also love details.


Hello Tokyo!

Arrived in Tokyo and having a huge jetlag (yes, I know I look terrible). The weather was so nice yesterday when I arrived, just perfect but today it was raining.. I guess I`m not that lucky when it comes to weather. Wearing my new Zara sweater which is so comfy! Tried this apple crumble latte at Starbucks today, thought nothing could beat the eclair latte I tried last year but this was so good too! I was glad about the weather after all, if it wasn`t cold and rainy I hadn`t tried this one. Mmm..mouthgasm. 

p.s There are still pictures I took last week in Amsterdam, they will be uploaded soon! 


Bye Bye Amsterdam

I'll miss you Amsterdam! Rigt now, I'm packing my suitcase (I hate this). I'm leaving to my second home country, Japan. I'm so excited but first I need to fix the overload clothes and shoes I want to bring with me, that means no sleep for me. Help.

autumn leaves

Top Zara/Skirt Forever21/Shoes Steve Madden

The leaves are touching the ground and we are enjoying an indian summer here in Amsterdam. This year we didn't have a so called "summer" at all (yes, I was depressed..just rain, rain and rain), a good excuse to enjoy this lovely weather to the max!