ombre nails

ombre nails

For the first time I tried the ombre nails, I always liked nail art and to try something new but somehow I became lazy and ended up not wearing any nailpolish at all! But I love it, the ombre effect has something summer-ish and it is very easy too! I bought these two nailpolishes in Korea, it`s from the brand Skin Food (Korean brand) and since a couple of years also available in Japan.



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like a dream

I miss this place so much! I`m still amazed when I look back at these pictures. Can`t believe I was actually there a few months ago. These are shots from the Sky Park with the pool on the 57th floor (amazing, huh). Oh and no, it wasn`t scary at all :) I`m wearing a bikini on bikini, again a neon yellow color! It`s a very old one though, from River Island.

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Have a great weekend everyone! xx


yellow addiction

Balenciaga wallet/ Marc Jacobs Iphone case/ Michael Kors watch/ Marc Jacobs Daisy ring and perfume/ Yellow nailpolish/ Mango dress

It`s obvious that I`m kind of addicted to yellow recently, this picture proves it ;)
First of all, I saw Kate Moss wearing this yellow dress on an ad at the Mango store in Amsterdam and had to have it! And a few days later I got it from my lovely friends!! Can`t wait to wear it on a summer day. My balenciaga wallet is 3years old already, you can see that if you look at the edges...but still in love with it!!

Have a great day!

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matching colors

`Impassioned` MAC lipstick and nailpolish

On my previous post I`m wearing these lipstick and nailpolish. I was reading the ELLE Singapore on the airplane on my way back to Amsterdam and saw the page about matching lipstick, lipgloss and nailpolish of MAC and wanted to have a set. And guess what! I got these two from my dear friends. Love the extremeness of this color.

For the Impassioned lipstick click here and for Impassioned nailpolish here

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mouton time

Mouton vest Girls Love Market (Japanese brand)/ Top SLY/ Bag Sly/ Boots Sam Edelman

My first outfit post in Holland since I`m back again! I still have some amazing pictures of the rooftop pool of Marina Bay Sands hotel though..will definitely upload them later. Have been kind of busy since I`m back, the weather of the past week here was almost tropical by the way, really enjoyed the erarly summer breeze. These pictures were from few weeks ago so nothing tropical than the green on the background..

Have a great weekend everyone!

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