american sunday

Top American Apparel (Men)/Jeans Swordfish (Japanese brand)

While uploading these pictures it felt like I haven`t touched my blog in forever! I`m very sorry for the lack of updating, I have been sick for a while. I got homesick and my body reacted to that in some way, it started with a fever and stomachache, fruits and yogurt were my best friend. Anyway I`m better now, time to update my blog so keep on checking everyone!  

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Some of my favorite items again!

1. This time not a soy candle but one which smells like grapefruit.

2. Acai bowl at a cafe near my place.

3. Massage oil for your feet and legs. Got this from my agency and have been using it every night since then, very addictive.

4. Moroccan oil, I think it is still the best oil treatment I ever used. It smells good too, it definitely works for my messy hair!

5. And the so called `moco moco` socks. A must during winter days or just when you`re relaxing at home.

x Fiona


fashionista of the day

Thank you CHICISIMO for choosing me as `fashionista of the day`!

x Fiona


the result

Sweater Joel Green/Shoes Sam Edelman/Bag SLY(Japanese brand)

So this is the total outfit result from my previous post, click here. Wore it with the hat, black tights and my SLY bag. I was wearing a coat but wanted to show the whole outfit, so no..it`s not that warm here in Tokyo it`s actually freezing these couple days!
Weekend has come already and  I`m craving for some sushi! Have a great weekend everyone.

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that moment

Blouse Forever21/Jacket Zara/Shoes Sam Edelman/Rosary necklace from Rome/Bag Gucci

I`m so happy that I happened to find this blouse, it`s perfect. Don`t you love the moment when you find something, no matter if it`s cheap or expensive, that is just the perfect piece you were looking for ? It happened to me at the forever21 store in harajuku. The inner top is actually a skirt but wore it under my blouse this day. I bought the pants at a random store in Amsterdam, love the silky material of it.

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hart tegen hard

I happened to find this on the internet and thought it would be fun to post it here. The feet on the left are actually mine. It`s a crime serie started somewhere in october already and saw it on the bus and metro stations while I was still in the Netherlands. Had a foot scrub and bath the night before and colored the nails with Chanel!


Cape poncho Asos/Shorts Vintage Levi`s/Shoes Sam Edelman/Sunglasses RayBan


new in

Boots Sam Edelman/Knit sweater Joel Green

These Sam Edelman boots are my new favorites, (wore it in an earlier post) they are very comfortable and love the small details of it! Wedges again..I know, can`t help it! The Joel Green sweater is from the store KITSON in Harajuku, love that they have a lot of my favorite brands in one store! Spending the saturday night with great company, VOGUE Japan (feb). Have a great weekend!




This picture was taken at the tokyo station. Came here for lunch and supermarket where they sell import food, especially to check for some dutch cheese! On our way back we saw these candles outside all over the place and it seemed to be an event for the victims in Japan because of the earthquake back in march which caused the tsunami. Really beautiful to see and to feel that everyone here is working together and helping each other out. I`m sure 2012 will be a year full of strength, success and love!

How are you all staying warm during this cold winter? I`m having caramel milk tea on these pictures, never had it before but really loved it.

I had some questions lately, want to answer them here. Sorry for the lazyness.

1. Where are you from?

I`m half Japanese and half Dutch, born and raised in the Netherlands but currently living in Tokyo!

2. Where can I buy the Iphone case with the bunny ears?

I bought mine in Harajuku but they sell it at places like Sony Plaza!

x Fiona


happy new year

sunny kiss

Hat Vintage/Blouse Forever21/Jacket Zara/Bag SLY(Japanese brand)/Boots Sam Edelman

first of all, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!
I started this blog somewhere at the end of september, shared a lot of outfits in the mean time and received positive comments. Thank you for reading my blog, I`ll continue trying to make the best of it so keep checking my blog!

Spent this new year as japaneezy as possible, had traditional japanese food `osechi` with some hot sake, ate lots of mochi and visited the shrine.
The lazy days are over now, it`s time to get back to reality (little depressed).