ribbon & collar

Blouse h&m/High waist shorts h&m/Scallop collar ViVi x MURUA/Socks Tutu-anna

A black&white outfit for a change, love monotone outfits though it makes you wanna complete the outfit completely. The scallop shaped collar can be removed and is not a part of the blouse. It came with a japanese magazine and is a collaboration of ViVi magazine and the brand MURUA, love them both. The collar somehow created a kind of dolly look so tried to do the same with my hair. I`m so not good at arranging my hair, I can`t even curl my hair by myself I`m hopeless. But I managed to create this "ribbon" with my own hair in like less than 5 minutes (don`t ask me why). Yes, I`m satisfied! Have a great weekend everyone.

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vogue sister love

This months Vogue Japan shows some sweet sister love. They all look beautiful! I especially like the black&white photo of the Fanning sisters. Looking at these photos makes me miss my own sister even more. I love you!

Dakota & Elle Fanning
Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen
Kiko and Yuka Mizuhara

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I hope you all have spent a day full of love with your beloved ones!
My this years home made gateau au chocolat with golden edible sprinkles. Chocolate can`t be missed on a day like this!

x Fiona


leopard + leather

leather jacket MURUA/Boots Sam Edelman/Clutch Vintage

My, and I guess many others, all-time favorite combination, the leopard print with leather. Bought this jumpsuit in Amsterdam last summer and wore it more at home as a pyjama so this kitty hasn`t been to the wild yet! I love comfortable clothes and the leather makes it perfect by adding a strong feminine taste to it. meow!

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Top Uniqlo/Shorts Moussy/Socks Tutu-anna/Boots Sam Edelman

Thank god or I mean Uniqlo for inventing these heattech tops and for actually giving the possibility for being able to wear it fashionably too. Love how they sell it in many simple designs and colors and how it`s sold in little small plastic packages, it`s almost the same as walking in a convenience store to buy something quickly (Okay might not be the same..but I said almost!)

Thank you by the way for all the lovely and fashionable comments on chicisimo, you guys rock!


flower print everywhere

Dress H&M (2010)

Looking through fashion magazines made me wanna wear this flower print dress. I bought it at the h&m store in Amsterdam and actually wore it only once! I really don`t know why cause I love how it fits perfectly on the body, the tight corset shape on the middle and the lower open back with the ribbon. The ideal place to take pictures would have been a place with lots of green and nature around me but no..Tokyo is not the perfect place for that. But hey I`m not complaining, took these pictures at home warm and comfortable for sure. Spring, we are all waiting for you!

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bye bye january

Coat W♥C (Japanese brand)/Tights are from a store in Harajuku/Bag Vintage/Boots Sam Edelman/RayBan sunglasses

Can`t believe it`s february already, time really flies. I`m wearing this coat very often these days, the inside is also full with the fake fur so it keeps me warm! You can find the shop in the center of Shibuya, you can`t possibly miss it, there is a huge teddybear (the mascotte of the brand) waiting in front of the store. Looking into some magazines and can`t wait for spring to come, so many colors and flower prints.
Stay warm everyone!