hot spring

I`m sorry for the lack of updating my blog, I get pretty lazy during this season of the year. It`s all about spending quality time with family and friends, eating delicious food and just being lazy! Went to the north of Japan this week to enjoy the hot spring and the amazing white view from the mountain.  The food was delicious, I definitely could get used to that and the hot spring (the part I was looking forward to) was unbelievable. Never thought that taking a superhot bath outside while it`s -6 and snowing would be so great, and watching the sunrise in the early morning from the bath tub, almost surreal. Everything was perfect. It`s good to get away from the big city sometimes. The strange thing was that i felt `home` when I arrived at the packed train station on our way back..weird.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!


happy holidays

Wishing you all a very merry christmas !! I can`t spend the holidays with my family in the Netherlands this year but I hope that the days will be filled with lots of love and happiness.

p.s I still have some  outfit photos which I`ll upload soon !




bambi print

Jacket Moussy/Tops Rienda/Tights Tutuanna/Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Spent the day in Yokohama. The actual plan was to see the christmas market here but thought it would be more beautiful to go there at night. So the afternoon was spent with a movie (Mission Impossible 4) with some japanese retro snacks, I got so excited when I stepped into the retro candy store that I didn`t know where to start and literally rushed to the cinema when realized we only had 5minutes before the movie started...
The jacket is from the Japanese brand Moussy, love the bambi print on the inside!
Found the sausage dog ring on the internet and had to buy it immediately.
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tokyo tower

I have never thought that I could see the tokyo tower so close from my place. Tokyo tower in the middle of the city..it`s so powerful and energetic. I can look at it for hours. Okay that`s not true, I`d freeze my butt off! Luckily I had my raspberry white mocha (so good) to keep me warm. But it`s definitely a power spot to me.


stars at daylight

Knit top h&m/Tights random socks store in Harajuku/Shoes Steve Madden

Such a lovely weather during the day but it was so freaking cold during the night! As you already know now, I`m obsessed with tights. I think 90% of my outfits I wear shorts, tights or both. The star design is nice to combine with simple outfits like these. The knit top is from h&m. I`ve never bought something at the h&m here in Tokyo, but last week I took a look at the store in Shinjuku. I immediately took a look at the collection at the entrance, I saw that 50% of the price was going to the Red Cross Japan organization. I chose this top and another white blouse. What a great way to shop!


3D flower print

I know I look kinda bored on these pictures...and yes, I was actually. I already made plans to go out but it was raining so hard outside so decided to stay home this day. I wasn`t planning to wear these fur boots (I`d never ever wear these when it`s raining cats and dogs outside) but I wans`t going out, so why not! They are warm and very comfy. Bought this 3D flower top at American Apparel in Amsterdam early this year and realized I haven`t wore it a lot..and I should! Love the print.


shinjuku shopping

Top Zara/Shorts Moussy/Tights Tutuanna/Shoes Jeffrey Campbell/Bag Gucci/Snake print scarf Zara/Rayban sunglasses/Rosary necklace from Rome
Wasn`t feeling well the past few days so couldn`t update my blog. I have this trench coat for like 4years already now. I like to wear this coat open with the collar up so it looks more casual but you can also wear it closed, the coat turns into a kind of dress because it creates a `tutu look`. Bought it here in Japan, still love it.


december days

Knit dress One Teaspoon/ Tights Tutuanna/Shoes Steve Madden

Time is passing by so fast, it`s already december! Christmas is coming soon and I see christmas decoration everywhere here in Tokyo. This knit rope-designed dress is from the brand One Teaspoon and is a bit difficult to decide when to wear honestly but I loved the design so bought it and didn`t really care about it. This giant christmas tree is welcoming me at the entrance when I come home (now that`s a warm welcome!) What more can you wish.

pink wednesday

Knit top River Island/Shorts Vintage Levi`s/Tights Tutuanna/Boots Zara/Bag Rosebud

Started today with a hot coffee at the MacDonald`s near my place. It`s the last day of november and  I can`t believe I wasn`t wearing a coat. During the day this knit was warm enough (really)! Felt like wearing a knit top today, found this one in my closet (almost forgot that I had this top) and decided to wear it today. Good to clean and organize your closet sometimes.


why I love you Japan #1

1. soy toffee nuts frappuccino at the Shibuya crossing point starbucks. It`s easy to feel small here in Tokyo and this picture proves it.

2. sashimi at Ebisu 

3. strawberry milk flavored pink pepsi..i know.

4. rainbow bridge and tokyo tower, love this view.

5. Starbucks drinks bought at the convenience store.

6. the cutest cafe latte I`ve ever seen at a cafe in Omotesando.

7. Laforet and see by Chloe in Harajuku.

8. very very cute totoro sweets, so cute that I didn`t know where to start ruin it.

9. strawberry pancakes at Eggs `n things with maple, guava and coconut syrups.

10. soy cranberry doughnut big as my face.

x Fiona