december days

Knit dress One Teaspoon/ Tights Tutuanna/Shoes Steve Madden

Time is passing by so fast, it`s already december! Christmas is coming soon and I see christmas decoration everywhere here in Tokyo. This knit rope-designed dress is from the brand One Teaspoon and is a bit difficult to decide when to wear honestly but I loved the design so bought it and didn`t really care about it. This giant christmas tree is welcoming me at the entrance when I come home (now that`s a warm welcome!) What more can you wish.

pink wednesday

Knit top River Island/Shorts Vintage Levi`s/Tights Tutuanna/Boots Zara/Bag Rosebud

Started today with a hot coffee at the MacDonald`s near my place. It`s the last day of november and  I can`t believe I wasn`t wearing a coat. During the day this knit was warm enough (really)! Felt like wearing a knit top today, found this one in my closet (almost forgot that I had this top) and decided to wear it today. Good to clean and organize your closet sometimes.


why I love you Japan #1

1. soy toffee nuts frappuccino at the Shibuya crossing point starbucks. It`s easy to feel small here in Tokyo and this picture proves it.

2. sashimi at Ebisu 

3. strawberry milk flavored pink pepsi..i know.

4. rainbow bridge and tokyo tower, love this view.

5. Starbucks drinks bought at the convenience store.

6. the cutest cafe latte I`ve ever seen at a cafe in Omotesando.

7. Laforet and see by Chloe in Harajuku.

8. very very cute totoro sweets, so cute that I didn`t know where to start ruin it.

9. strawberry pancakes at Eggs `n things with maple, guava and coconut syrups.

10. soy cranberry doughnut big as my face.

x Fiona


mickey meets harajuku

Top Disney Couture/Jacket h&m/Denim shorts River Island(old)/Shoes Jeffrey Campbell/Bag Gucci

I have this Mickey top for a couple of years now, but wanted to wear it with these sunglasses. It makes the mickey outfit complete! Wore it with a simple black jacket to prevent a childish look and make myself look like a disney freak..(actually I am, a little). Love the simple but detailed part of this top, you need to take a close look (not too close, that would be very uncomfortable) to actually see the silver mickey studs.


winter mood

Shorts Moussy/Tights & Socks Tutuanna/Boots Zara

First of all, that`s not a big monkey wrinkle on my face what you see! It`s the shadow of the glasses I`m wearing.. Bought this red check blouse at 109 in Shibuya last year, thought it would be time to wear it again, it gives me the feeling that christmas is coming soon(still one month to go). Made the picture perfect with my current favorite drink,`white mocha with marron`. Love how they made starbucks addicts like me possible to buy this at the convenience stores, thank you!


saturday rain

Top Zara/Shorts Vintage Levi`s/Shoes Steve Madden/Bag Vintage/Tights Tutuanna

Wearing these tights with denim shorts here, but realized that a long knit top (just long enough to cover what needs to be covered and short enough to see the details of the tights) will look good too. It`s getting pretty cold that knee-high socks only won`t keep me warm enough, so this is a good option for me since I`m obsessed with them. I`m craving for some Japanese `oden`, especially a place where you can sit at the counter where the food is in front of your face and just can point out the pieces you want to order, brilliant.
Have a great weekend! 



 Knit top Rienda(Japanese brand)/Hat Vintage/Shoes Zara/Bag Gucci

Decided to take the boat today to cruise to Odaiba instead of taking the train. It took like a short 20 freezing but comfortable minutes until arrival. This knit top is from the brand Rienda. I love the SHEL`TTER store where they sell my favorite Japanese brands like Sly, Moussy and Rienda. They are simple, comfy but detailed. love love love.

On my mind; my iphone 4S.. I`ve been waiting for it for weeks now, my rabito phone case is waiting to be used too!



Border knit Ozoc(Japanese brand)/Shoes Jeffrey Campbell/Bag Vintage

I`m not a big fan of meat, but saw this big burger king advertisement and thought it would be a fun background to take pictures. It doesn`t look like I`m in Japan but..I am. I`m wearing this border knit (which I wear a lot these days) with a black maxi skirt. I wore this knit with leather shorts a few posts earlier but todays` keywords were comfy+lazy and this outfit was born (it wasn`t worth the cold though, hope I won`t get sick). This grey hat is from a vintage market in Amsterdam. I miss you Amsterdam.



photos by オノ ツトム Ono Tsutomu

Some shots of a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. The stylist had some amazing pieces of brands like Miu Miu, 3.1 phillip lim, Twenty8Twelve and more. Thank you for the great day and the pictures!

Spoken words project 2012 ss collection

Went to see a fashion show of a Japanese designer Masahiro Tobita, it was held at Vacant in Harajuku. It was more like seeing an art piece and all the models stepped their feet into a black painting and walked the catwalk slowely leaving their footprints behind.


pocky day


Japan has so many events during one year it`s almost ridiculous, but I have to admit this, it`s fun. Today is one of them and it`s called `pocky day`. Even a commercial of pocky day was on air with this crazy tune and dance which won`t get out of your head the whole day.
By the way, I didn`t realize this until I was home, but the edge of this strawberry flavored pocky version is heart shaped. Japan is all about details.
Have a great pocky day!