the classic combination

jacket Mango/ American Apparel 3D jumper/ Flats Zara/ Bag SLY
Why is it that leopard print and the color red is such a good combo together? I usually don`t wear red at all, burgundy and oxblood color yes, but not this kind of red. When I saw these flats at the Zara I couldn`t walk away even if I didn`t know if I would wear it yet! But realized that it goes perfectly with my leopard jacket that I got recently from my sister. It gave me the chance to wear red lipstick too, hmm time to search for my perfect red lipstick!


Anonymous said...

Me encanta el look y el toque de los slippers queda genial!!!


judith said...

Me encanta el look!!!El abrigo y los zapatos preciosos.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a day as special as you are. Happy Birthday! May all your dreams and wishes come true!
Love and kisses from anonymous.

The White List said...

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Looking forward to more posts from you. I'm now following you on BlogLovin!

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Anonymous said...

Podrías decirme la talla de la chaqueta?:)