afternoon tea in london

Hyatt Regency Hotel London
Decided to spend a few days in London to enjoy the christmas mood and what`s a visit to London without having a traditional afternoon tea! And ofcourse, Ritz Carlton would be the best to pick out of all the hotels but obviously making or trying to book a table three days before departure wasn`t an option ofcourse..FULL! Realizing that our hotel was pretty close to the Hyatt Regency hotel my choice was made very quickly. The traditional afternoon tea was served with a glass of champagne and very christmassy.
Love how my clutch looks like some kind of a fairytale book, it fits great with the outfit and the place.
Dress Forever21/ Coat Vintage/ Boots Sam Edelman/ Clutch Asos


coming up

London diary coming soon!


check check check

Coat Vintage/ Shirt Wildfox/ Shorts Moussy/ Boots Catarina Martins
Can`t believe it`s this time of the year already, December has arrived! (for a week now already though..) It`s freaking cold here in Amsterdam as in -not feeling your face because everything is numb and walking like a shrimp because of not being able to walk straight up- cold! But then, the more you appreciate the warm and cozy times during these days.

Love my new Wildfox shirt.


vegan taco salad


I really love taco rice and taco salad and thought if I coudn`t make a vegan version of it.. Here it is! It`s very easy to make and it tastes good and it`s really healthy!
Vegan Taco Salad Recipe
Put some green leaves (any green salad you like) on the plate. Put some chopped onions, soy meat and salsa in a pan and stir and add it on the plate when it`s ready cooked. Use a ripe avocado to make the guacamole. Add garlic, some fresh squeezed lemon juice, chopped tomato and season it with salt and pepper. The taco salad is now ready and to make it perfect, you can make your own healthy nacho chips as well!
Vegan Nacho Chips Recipe
Add some hot water to the quinoa and wait until it absorbs the water. Add some dried herbs, (it can be any kind or any dried herbs you have in your kitchen) I used dried oregano! Add some organic flour to it and make it flat to cut it into triangles. Put it in the oven until they are crispy. Stick them into the salad before you serve it and VOILA! It`s that simple and so good. Enjoy!


ibiza diary 2012


Here is my kinda little late photo diary of Ibiza... But hey, it`s getting colder everywhere so the more you can appreciate these summer like pictures, right? ;) Ibiza was so amazing, I actually felt like I have done everything I wanted to during my stay.
The hippy market was so big that it took a whole afternoon to look around! Well, that was my case `cause I stopped every 5 minutes to check accessories that we didn`t move forward very quickly.. I had the chance to go to the Pacha 2 times VIP during the closing parties, so it was definitely amazing! The last night, we went out for dinner and drinks at KM5 and the white sangria over there was so good, the best I had so far! Ibiza, I love you!


green smoothie

I started not eating meat for more than 1,5 years now and I must say I don`t really miss it either. I like to eat clean and green. I`m now much more aware of what I really eat and what my body gets inside. Nowadays there are more organic supermarkets and large supermarkets offer more meat substitutes which gives vegetarians and vegans more variety and opportunities to cook ant eat.
This is my version of the green smoothie.
Spinach/ Organic Kale/ Kiwi/ Soaked Almonds/ 1/2 Avocado/ Almond Milk/ Chia Seeds
It`s not on the picture but I wanted to add a banana too but I didn`t have bananas at home, so I also added soy milk with banana flavor. This will add a sweet taste to the smoothie. Enjoy!


formentera island Ibiza

formentera island 2012
This was my first time in Ibiza and just like many others my first thought was it was a die hard party island, so first I couldn`t figure out how many days we should go.. Once I arrived on the Island it wasn`t like I expected at all (everythig was even better!). These pictures are from the day we visited formentera island. What a beautiful island!


halloween treats


Trick or Treat
Halloween is over now and a lot more events are coming these months. Few weeks ago I experimented with the `ombre nails` again and decided to go for a halloween version. The colors and prints, isn`t it freaking cute?? I like making macarons and made a halloween version of Mickey this time.

All my friends know that I love to cook, well, more like a baking addict! I love making and creating things which look impossible at first sight, it`s like a big challenge wether it will turn out like you expected..very exciting! I decided to invite my friends for a halloween high-tea party. Everything is H.O.M.E.M.A.D.E.
Frankenstein finger and skull cookies
Strawberry cheese cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
Bubble gum cupcakes

I hope you all had a happy halloween xx


malaga diary 2012

Malaga 2012
A small(!) selection of pictures I took in Malaga. I was so obsessed taking pictures of almost every flower I saw or every stop I made when I saw typical spanish streets that it became my daily habit during my stay. I was so amazed by the fried eggplants with honey, I`ve never had them before at a tapas restaurant in Amsterdam, never seen it either. Anyway, it was so good! Spain, I miss you already...