summer stripes

Maxi dress Jane Norman/ Shoes Tory Burch/ Ray-ban sunglasses
I have always been a big stripes fan, but never liked vertical stripes. I always thought it would ruin the line of your body. But that has changed now! When I saw this dress I loved the design too much to think twice whether to buy it or not. I like how the black top is a part of the dress but looks like a seperate piece. It`s all about details.


army strong

Vest Zara/ Tank-top Alexander Wang/ Scallop shorts h&m/ Flats Tory Burch/ Vintage Fendi shades

Fell in love with these Fendi shades of my friend when he was wearing it. and guess what! his mom used to wear them back in the days. I love vintage findings and this is absolutely a precious vintage piece! Watch your back Chris, I`ll steal them again from you!

oh by the way, don`t you love the ben&jerry scooter? ..I do!


fifty shades of gray

Long Tops Zara/Fur Hat River Island/Fur Bag River Island/Flats Jeffrey Campbell

Yes, I`m reading the book and yes my middle name could possibly be `gray`. It surprises me everytime I come home with a piece and realize I have so many similar types all in gray in my wardrobe but it doesn`t matter, it makes me happy! This long Zara top is so comfy and combining it with my furry items makes the animal-look complete. Rawrr!