why I love you Japan #1

1. soy toffee nuts frappuccino at the Shibuya crossing point starbucks. It`s easy to feel small here in Tokyo and this picture proves it.

2. sashimi at Ebisu 

3. strawberry milk flavored pink pepsi..i know.

4. rainbow bridge and tokyo tower, love this view.

5. Starbucks drinks bought at the convenience store.

6. the cutest cafe latte I`ve ever seen at a cafe in Omotesando.

7. Laforet and see by Chloe in Harajuku.

8. very very cute totoro sweets, so cute that I didn`t know where to start ruin it.

9. strawberry pancakes at Eggs `n things with maple, guava and coconut syrups.

10. soy cranberry doughnut big as my face.

x Fiona

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