green smoothie

I started not eating meat for more than 1,5 years now and I must say I don`t really miss it either. I like to eat clean and green. I`m now much more aware of what I really eat and what my body gets inside. Nowadays there are more organic supermarkets and large supermarkets offer more meat substitutes which gives vegetarians and vegans more variety and opportunities to cook ant eat.
This is my version of the green smoothie.
Spinach/ Organic Kale/ Kiwi/ Soaked Almonds/ 1/2 Avocado/ Almond Milk/ Chia Seeds
It`s not on the picture but I wanted to add a banana too but I didn`t have bananas at home, so I also added soy milk with banana flavor. This will add a sweet taste to the smoothie. Enjoy!

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