halloween treats


Trick or Treat
Halloween is over now and a lot more events are coming these months. Few weeks ago I experimented with the `ombre nails` again and decided to go for a halloween version. The colors and prints, isn`t it freaking cute?? I like making macarons and made a halloween version of Mickey this time.

All my friends know that I love to cook, well, more like a baking addict! I love making and creating things which look impossible at first sight, it`s like a big challenge wether it will turn out like you expected..very exciting! I decided to invite my friends for a halloween high-tea party. Everything is H.O.M.E.M.A.D.E.
Frankenstein finger and skull cookies
Strawberry cheese cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
Bubble gum cupcakes

I hope you all had a happy halloween xx

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Anonymous said...

Great! I wanna have some.