that moment

Blouse Forever21/Jacket Zara/Shoes Sam Edelman/Rosary necklace from Rome/Bag Gucci

I`m so happy that I happened to find this blouse, it`s perfect. Don`t you love the moment when you find something, no matter if it`s cheap or expensive, that is just the perfect piece you were looking for ? It happened to me at the forever21 store in harajuku. The inner top is actually a skirt but wore it under my blouse this day. I bought the pants at a random store in Amsterdam, love the silky material of it.

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mike i make said...

Great photos, you look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

Hart and Style said...

i`m so sorry for the late reply thank you so much for the comment, compliments and for being my new follower! x Fiona