This picture was taken at the tokyo station. Came here for lunch and supermarket where they sell import food, especially to check for some dutch cheese! On our way back we saw these candles outside all over the place and it seemed to be an event for the victims in Japan because of the earthquake back in march which caused the tsunami. Really beautiful to see and to feel that everyone here is working together and helping each other out. I`m sure 2012 will be a year full of strength, success and love!

How are you all staying warm during this cold winter? I`m having caramel milk tea on these pictures, never had it before but really loved it.

I had some questions lately, want to answer them here. Sorry for the lazyness.

1. Where are you from?

I`m half Japanese and half Dutch, born and raised in the Netherlands but currently living in Tokyo!

2. Where can I buy the Iphone case with the bunny ears?

I bought mine in Harajuku but they sell it at places like Sony Plaza!

x Fiona

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