Top Uniqlo/Shorts Moussy/Socks Tutu-anna/Boots Sam Edelman

Thank god or I mean Uniqlo for inventing these heattech tops and for actually giving the possibility for being able to wear it fashionably too. Love how they sell it in many simple designs and colors and how it`s sold in little small plastic packages, it`s almost the same as walking in a convenience store to buy something quickly (Okay might not be the same..but I said almost!)

Thank you by the way for all the lovely and fashionable comments on chicisimo, you guys rock!


Karsten said...

I love how the top and the tights really compliment, and show off, your figure in such a casual but still super-feminine way.
Sooo sexy !

Hart and Style said...

thank you so much for the comment! i was planning to just wear it casual but i guess the weird curvy pose of mine somehow created the look more feminine haha x Fiona