ribbon & collar

Blouse h&m/High waist shorts h&m/Scallop collar ViVi x MURUA/Socks Tutu-anna

A black&white outfit for a change, love monotone outfits though it makes you wanna complete the outfit completely. The scallop shaped collar can be removed and is not a part of the blouse. It came with a japanese magazine and is a collaboration of ViVi magazine and the brand MURUA, love them both. The collar somehow created a kind of dolly look so tried to do the same with my hair. I`m so not good at arranging my hair, I can`t even curl my hair by myself I`m hopeless. But I managed to create this "ribbon" with my own hair in like less than 5 minutes (don`t ask me why). Yes, I`m satisfied! Have a great weekend everyone.

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1 comment:

Sunaina said...

Cute collar! And love your hairdo! I wish I could do that, but I think I'm worse than you when it comes to hair!