birthday girl

Today on March 7th I turned 26 but I`ll call it my sweet 16 + 10, it sounds way more fun and young! Many thanks to my family and friends for the birthday messages, I ate too many cakes and delicious food these couple days need a balance day before I get used to it!

Love, Fiona

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my BFF! <3 Love you xxx

Mirjam said...

Hoi Fiona.
hier in Nederland is het nog 7 maart, dus het kan nog: GEFELICITEEEEEEEEERD!!!
liefs van Mirjam, Remco, Bart en Koen

Sunaina said...

誕生日おめでと (not sure if this is right 8-)

Hart and Style said...

a very late reply...but THANK YOU ALL! lots of love, Fiona x