why I love you Japan #2

So here is a part 2! There are too many things I want to show so I`ll do it in parts. 

1. Sencha latte at BLENZ coffee in Aoyama

2. Hello Kitty steamed buns filled with custard at a convenience store

3. Magazines that makes you don`t mind the long waiting

4. Valentine`s day hotel buffet at Intercontinental hotel Tokyo (don`t worry for those who think I finished the whole plate. I was just greedy enough to put all the sweets on one  plate and just take one bite of each). The hotel staff must`ve hated me, sorry

5. Warm lights on the streets

6. Louis Vuitton roses. If you take a closer look you`ll see that the roses are LV printed, amazing.

7. Shinjuku station at rush hour, it`s almost impossible to stand still so had to take this one very quickly

8. Kit Kat Matcha flavor. Not too sweet, addictive!

9. Godiva bear on white day, March 14

10. Mini heart shaped Godiva chocolates

11. Bio Cafe in Shibuya where they sell vegan sweets. The one I chose is soy cheesecake

Love, Fiona

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Sunaina said...

Ooh I can see why you love it so much! <3