border pancakes

Border knit OZOC(Japanese brand)/Hat Asos/Bag Vintage

The "it`s getting cold and wearing knit and knee-high boots everyday" weather has come. Bought this border knit top last week and thought today was the perfect day to wear it. I love border and used to wear it almost everyday but haven`t wore it at all these days.. Once I`m addicted to something, I only buy and wear the same things so this might be my new(?) addiction. Went to Harajuku today, bought a new iphone case (it has rabbit ears and a tail!), checked some boutiques, but the main reason was to eat the pancakes at eggs `n things!! It`s a hawaiian cafe where they have amazing pancakes, the place opened like one year ago and it`s still normal to wait for like 30minutes outside to get in (crazy). It felt like standing in line for an attraction in disneyland but definitely worth the waiting!

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