winter mood

Shorts Moussy/Tights & Socks Tutuanna/Boots Zara

First of all, that`s not a big monkey wrinkle on my face what you see! It`s the shadow of the glasses I`m wearing.. Bought this red check blouse at 109 in Shibuya last year, thought it would be time to wear it again, it gives me the feeling that christmas is coming soon(still one month to go). Made the picture perfect with my current favorite drink,`white mocha with marron`. Love how they made starbucks addicts like me possible to buy this at the convenience stores, thank you!


axelhugow said...

take a look at your blog while listening JEWEL by AYUMI HAMASAKI ...
love the warm & friendly tones of WINTER MOOD..peaceful moments
a smile ..a chocolate drink..then a walk in Geneva..( sharing beteween PARIS & GENEVA )

ginswardrobe said...

Love your boots!! too cute!!

Hart and Style said...

I know i`m very late but wanted to thank you guys for the great comments! x Fiona