favorite things

These beautiful vintage looking accessories are like almost a century old. They are from the year 1920 so excuse me, they don`t look vintage, they are! I love how they look `used` in a very good way and I especially love the big silver bracelet with burgundy colored stones.
My favorite perfumes, the golden Marc Jacobs daisy ring is also a perfume. It`s kind of heavy but I sometimes use it to complete my outfit. My silver and gold rings collection. I literally bought the rings everywhere, can`t remember where I bought some of them anymore.
Lately purchased candle. This is a soy candle, it`s made of soy and the smell of lavender is just so relaxing that coming home and smelling the room like a freak gets an addiction. It`s not made of bee wax like normal candles, once the candle burns it turns into liquid oil and this is the amazing part, you can rub this oil on your body! Love it.

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